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Every once in a while skip hire is a failure

A survey by Google shows that about 20% of people who hire a skip are not satisfied with the service. Out of 350 people, 71 are dissatisfied with the experience provided by their skip hire company.

These results show that some companies neglect some parts of their services, which is an issue with the whole industry. The ultimate decision on whether to use a company should not be mainly based on the prices offered.

Common issues with skip hire

  • Property damage:

    “The skip was placed inadequately and did great damage to my garden.”

  • Lack of professionalism:

    “I got a rude delivery team who had no excuses for their delay.

  • Waste of time:

    “I got a call to tell me that my skip was underway and told me that there was an emergency job elsewhere and the skip would go there. They said that they would bring another skip tomorrow. And after waiting for a few days and spent time asking for my skip, they brought one to me that didn’t fit the size I wanted, but still charged me full price.”

  • Extra charges and hidden fees:

    Extra charges and hidden fees: “They quoted one price, then asked almost double when they delivered the skip.”

But you will find no issues with Handy Skips. We cover you on all bases:
Damage to property

Suppliers of our skips are covered by excellent insurance policies.

Lack of professionalism

We work with professionals and send people who get brilliant feedback by our customers.

Waste of time

If the skip is not delivered on time, you can cancel the order at any time and will be fully refunded.

Extra charges and hidden fees

We have no hidden fees – guaranteed!

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