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In general, you can use a skip for any kind of waste except for hazardous waste.

The prohibition list – The guide to don’ts

Hazardous items and materials are a no-no. These items include asbestos, fridges, TVs, paint, batteries, computer monitors, tyres, medical waste, liquids, petrol, solvents, oil, explosives, plasterboard, fluorescent tubes, and diesel.

  • What about paint tins? Can you put them in a skip?

    Yes, but only if they are empty. If you want to dispose of any tins with paint, then get in touch with your local council for advice about their disposal.

  • What about plasterboards?

    No. Plasterboard and gypsum waste have to be separated from your general waste. And this does not allow its mixing with other type of waste in a skip; therefore our rules prohibit its loading in the skip.

  • What about tyres?

    Just like plasterboard, tyres have to be disposed of in a different manner and therefore cannot be placed in our skips.disposal.

  • What about soil and rubble?

    Yes. Soil and rubble are okay, but you need to warn us about it when you are booking the skip because of transportation purposes.

  • What about electrical equipment?

    Electrical equipment is controlled by the WEEE directive and therefore cannot be part of the waste you dump in the skip. Get in touch with your local council to get more information on how you can dispose of electrical waste.

  • What about freezers and refrigerators?

    No. Fridges and freezers are too large and heavy for the skip. You may ask your local council if they offer a free collection service for such units. If they don’t you have to take them to your local tip or hire a professional rubbish removal service.

  • What about TVs and other display screens?

    No. Television sets, computer monitors and the like cannot be loaded up on our skip. Call your local council to arrange their disposal or use a waste clearance company.

  • What about asbestos?

    No. Asbestos cannot be loaded on a skip, recycled, or reused. Asbestos and other hazardous materials have to be dealt with by a clearance company that specialises in disposing of hazardous waste.

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